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Our company

La Mopperia was born in 1991 from the ambition to bring an evolution in a still little known sector, that of domestic cleaning.

The founders, with their passion and various years of experience in the technical-production sectors, have created a small “home-made” laboratory, which over time has become a building with various production lines.

Thanks to new investments, enthusiasm and determination, La Mopperia is always looking for new items and solutions for domestic cleaning to be placed on the world market, always affirming the Made in Italy.
Our catalog boasts a wide range of items that can be used in all domestic environments and beyond, with the purchase of a new factory it was possible to increase production in order to expand our range of products.

The Company Missions of the last few years has pushed us to find eco-sustainable solutions and products for the protection of our planet, allowing us to produce high quality items while respecting the environment.

Everything useful is simple!

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